OPM External Data Provider Update

For those that are having issues with OPM forwarding incomplete datasets to Graphite, or if has just stopped sending any data at all, here is an update.  Set the “Transmit Interval” parameter to 10 minutes instead of 5.  I’m not sure it is necessary, but restarting the OPM services or simply rebooting the OPM server is probably a good idea.

Don’t forget to modify your storage-schemas.conf file for the 10 minute interval.  The steps I went through to make sure that everything is right going forward:

  1. Stop the carbon-cache service.  It may be called “Graphite” on some distributions.
  2. Modify storage-schemas.conf to reflect 10 minute intervals.
  3. Delete all of the previously generated whisper files in the “netapp-performance” directory.  This is usually at /opt/graphite/storage/whisper.  If you have changed the “Vendor Tag” parameter in OPM you should obviously delete the files that match that directory instead.  If you really want to save this data, do an internet search for some whisper python scripts that can change the data layout of existing whisper files. 
  4. Restart the carbon-cache service.

In my lab where I have 6 nodes and a handful of SVMs and volumes, full population took about an hour.  You can speed this up if you increase the value of the MAX_CREATES_PER_MINUTE parameter in the carbon.conf file.  I would just wait though.  If you do change that parameter, remember to restart carbon-cache.