The Transition Tactician Kickoff

This site is focused on transitions to enterprise infrastructure technologies for those that already have them.  I’ll mostly be writing about the tactical decisions and activities required to successfully implement new infrastructures.  From time-to-time I may comment on strategies for adopting new infrastructure or whether or not you even should, but I have friends and colleagues that handle that much better than me and I’ll link to those instead of rehashing their posts.

I’m always open to suggestions about articles and simply suggestions in general.  While I can rarely definitively declare I know the best way to do something complex with many different paths to a strategic goal, with great confidence I know good tactics for technology transitions.  Continual improvement is always necessary, so please jump in if you see something I missed or have questions.  With even greater confidence I speak authoritatively about transition methods that are what we’ll just say are “less than optimal.”  Some of these tactics I’ve been personally involved in, but most of the bad experiences I know about were ones I’ve been called in to either save or simply determine where it all went wrong.

I chose the name of this site for a three reasons.

  1. “Transition” was easy because of my work – I’m a Principal Architect at NetApp focused on clustered Data ONTAP transitions.
  2. “Tactician” was also pretty easy to choose.  I am a tactical thinker.  If you are interested strategies for how new technology platforms and infrastructures will improve your business, I’m not the best  consultant to work with.  However, if you are interested in how to adopt these technologies in the most efficient way, I will definitely have some valuable things to offer.  But a totally different but just as important reason I chose “tactician” is because I love competitive sailing and working on ways to get the boat to the finish line ahead of the others is challenging.  I love challenges.
  3. The domain name was available.

So while this post doesn’t actually have any content, you now have a clear understanding of what will follow.  I’ll be writing about practices and tactics that are both good and bad.  Sometimes I’ll even be correct about which are good and which are bad.